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Proposed Project

Need for the Outdoor Range Training Complex
There is currently no dedicated Outdoor Range Training Complex for South Central Alaska law enforcement personnel to train regularly in real climate conditions  Currently, law enforcement personnel train at the Birchwood Range alongside civilians. This range was not built for law enforcement training and is unsafe for law enforcement training.  The other primary current training area is on Fort Richardson Army Base.  Training on Base is at the discretion of the military and is often cancelled or postponed based on national security needs and inclement weather (low ceilings).  This becomes highly problematic for scheduling and results in incomplete local safety training. 

A dedicated Outdoor Training Range Complex would allow the Anchorage Police Department and other agencies to complete required training including defensive and tactical training.  This would result in better trained law enforcement personnel and decreased accidents and injury in the field.  The Outdoor Training Range Complex would allow simulation of actual conditions and increase interagency training to respond to Homeland Security threats. 

Proposed Project-Outdoor Range Training Complex
Phase 1 —The Anchorage Police Department will manage and operate this firearms training facility. First phase development will include one 14 point/300 yard shooting range, a training shoot house, two 50 yard tactical shooting ranges, and a parking lot.

Phase 2 —The Anchorage Police Department will continue to manage and operate the facility and will further develop the site to include classrooms and office space and one 14 point/150 yard tactical range.

Progress to Date
To date, a needs assessment, business plan, and conceptual site design for conceptual cost estimating have occurred.  Site selection is underway.  Four feasible sites have been identified.  There is no preferred site at this point in time.  Technical information and public input is being gathered on the four remaining sites.